Food law

The area of food law with its dynamic developments and potential conflicts demands a high degree of alertness and flexibility but at the same time a sense of proportion and due serenity.

In this area we advise and support entrepreneurs of food products through every stage of distribution, for entrepreneurs of traditional craftsmanship to large-scale manufacturers.

No matter if you have a problem of daily life or substantial issues important to the industry we supply reliable support taking into consideration recent developments in the field of politics, law and science.

In particular we are working in the legal fields related to food/health/nutrition and have a wide range of experience and expertise, which is an advantage for our clients when providing representation in relations with authorities, prosecution and competitors.

Areas of focus

  • Product development and innovation
  • Concepts for advertising and distribution
  • Design and labelling
  • Health and nutrition claims
  • Novel Food
  • Borderline of product categories, especially to pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices
  • Botanicals and functional ingredients
  • Food supplements
  • Special foods (dietary foods) including balanced diets (foods for special medical purposes)
  • Food additives
  • Objections of authorities, investigations related to food and drug law
  • Compliance to food law, quality management and quality assurance
  • Client-specific in-house training