Trademark law

We provide comprehensive advice on all issues of trademark law.

This includes support for the development of brand strategies for brands in development and advice on further development of already established brands and brand portfolios.

We will undertake the registration, supervision and enforcement of trademarks and will represent our clients in opposition and cancellation proceedings as well as in patent infringements both before the competent courts and the trademark offices in charge.

Furthermore, we advise on the drafting and negotiating of demarcation agreements and other contracts.

Areas of focus

  • Registration of trademarks (for Germany, EU und Internationally)
  • Co-ordination and monitoring of non-European trademark registrations and procedures
  • Identical search and investigations of trademark silmilarity
  • Notification and monitoring of deadlines
  • Trademark collision monitoring
  • Registration procedures, opposition proceedings, complaint procedures, reconsideration and infringement proceedings
  • Demarcation agreements, co-existence agreements and other contracts