Pharmacy law

For pharmacists we offer support on all matters related to the pharmacy practice order and the pharmacy act.

Dispense guidelines and requirements for the set-up of pharmacies are just as included in our scope of service as the development of new supply concepts (extended courier service). We regularly support pharmacy associations in disputes relating to contractual issues (i.e. improper influencing of insured persons by the health-insurance companies) and on fundamental issues as the billing of pharmacy discounts and manufacturer rebates.

The representation of pharmacists in unfair-competition matters (i.e. written warning for improper granting of bonuses) is part of our portfolio.

Additionally, we represent and advise pharmacists of pharmaceutical companies in their demand of exemption of mandatory German pension insurance.

Areas of focus

  • Professional regulations for pharmacists
  • Regulations of the pharmacy practice order
  • Rebates
  • Hospital care
  • Third-Party and multiple ownership
  • Production of cytostatic drugs
  • Competition law for pharmacists
  • Demand of exemption of mandatory German pension insurance
  • Mail order business