Competition law

The law of unfair competition (UWG) defines the principles of fair economic behavior each company shall adhere to whilst competing in supply and demand of economic output. It serves to protect competitors and consumers and it is in the general interest to ensure undistorted competition.

Furthermore special regulations are to be observed i.e. Drug Advertising Law and regulations of Food Law and Medicinal Product Law.

Competitors can have the classification of products reviewed in expedited proceedings if they are suspected false.

We advise our clients beforehand on the conception of products and advertising campaigns to ensure these are legally secure and effective. Furthermore we provide legal support regarding the obligations to perform or act in cases where legal attacks against our clients by their competitors have been successful.

We enforce our clients‘ rights against their competitors and needless to say that we support our clients in the defense of attacks from competitors and consumer protection. Decades of successful experience in advising and defending our clients result in our special expertise.


Areas of Focus

  • Warning letters
  • Preliminary injunction
  • Legal review of concepts for new products and advertising campaigns
  • Comparative advertising
  • Client-specific in-house trainings